School Calendar

1st + 4th September

Training Days

Tue 5th September

Pupils start school

Wed 6th September

Governors Meeting

Wed 25th October

Parents Evening (Settling In - BSP and IEPs)

Fri 27th October

Pupils finish school for half-term break

Mon 6 November

Training Day

Tue 7th November

Pupils start school

Wed 8th November

AGM Friends of Brondyffryn (all parents and friends welcome)

Fri 17th November

Children in Need Fundraising Day

Tue 12th December

Gerddi Glasfryn Christmas Party

Thu 14th December

Gerddi Glasfryn Christmas Dinner

Fri 15th December

Primary Christmas Carol Service (am—in school)

Tyr Ysgol Christmas sing-along (pm—in school)

Wed 20th December

Park Street Christmas Service (10am—St. Mary’s)

Fri 22nd December

Pupils finish school for Christmas break

Mon 8th January

Training Day

Tue 9th January

Pupils start school

Tue 6th February

Gerddi Glasfryn Open Afternoon for parents, 1-3pm

Wed 7th February

Parents Evening (Learning Targets and Progress)

Fri 9th February

Pupils finish school for half-term break

Mon 19th February

Pupils start school

Thu 1st March

Gerddi Glasfryn, St.David’s Day Party

School Eisteddfod

 Thu 1st March

World Book Day Events


Governors Meeting

Fri 23rd March

Pupils finish for Easter Holiday

Mon 9th April

Training Day

Tue 10th April

Pupils Start School

Mon 7th May

Bank Holiday—School Closed

Fri 25th May

Pupils finish school for half-term break

Mon 4th June

Pupils Start School


Race for Life Kids Fundraising day

Tue 19th June

Transition visits for parents (KS2—KS3):

· 10am Park Street for current Y6 pupils

· 2pm Tyr Ysgol and Park Street Y11 pupils

· Gerddi Glasfryn Open Afternoon for parents (1-3pm)

Fri 22nd June

Primary Fun Day

26th + 28th June

Gerddi Glasfryn Summer Day Trip

Mon 2nd July

Park Street Sports Day—1pm

Governors Meeting

Thu 5th July

Gerddi Glasfryn Record of Achievement Leavers Service, 5.30pm

Wed 11th July

Parents Evening (Attainment and Achievements)

Fri 13th July

Tyr Ysgol Fun Day— 2pm (Parents welcome)

Wed 18th July

Celebration of Achievement Leavers Service (Theatre Twm or  Nant)

Fri 20th July

Last day of term